sgt (sgt) wrote,

captain orgazmo vs. schindler's list

here is a short list of things I am currently frustrated, annoyed or irritated with (by no means complete and in no particular order):

  • people in Moscow, for being a grim and unfriendly bunch of losers with wads of money and no future
  • Apple Inc., for switching to crap Intel chips and delaying the new iBooks
  • J2EE, for being such a sorry excuse for a developing platform
  • French people, for no particular reason
  • the world literature, for providing be with some of its worst samples during the last month
  • me, for being such a lazy, procrastinating animal
  • sex, for being such a short-term remedy for everything mentioned above

    to be updated.
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      по примеру ostap запишу книги, прочитанные в 2013 году (те, которые вспомню, т. к. goodreads я в этом году вел нерадиво). Arslan (M.J.…

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      в разъездах пропустил флешмоб, ну ладно нашел вот стихи, прикольные. подумываю о монетизации. может, стоит обратиться в РАО? я в детстве кстати…

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